Understanding Web Hosting Basics

created: 10.27.2008 updated: 04.26.2009
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It is very common to see various types of people having their own website, based on their type of profession. Looking at others, you too may get inspired to own a website. So, you get a suitable domain name registered for yourself. But you must also be well prepared to decide on a suitable web hosting plan too. This post will provide you with the required information with regard to understanding web hosting. Before you even decide to register your domain name, you must also decide who your web hosting provider is going to be. It is easy to register a domain name but when it comes to understanding and selecting your web hosting provider, you need to think in the right direction before taking the final step.

You will need a server to host your website so that your website is viewed by many people, over the internet. It is the web hosting service provider who takes the responsibility of putting your website on a computer (server) which is connected to the internet. It is up to you to decide whether you want to host your website by using your own server or you can use an internet service provider to host. Mostly, it is advisable to take help of an internet service provider because they can facilitate benefits such as powerful server hardware, high speed connections and reliable server support.

There are basically two main types of web hosting concepts.

The first one is “shared hosting” and the second is “dedicated hosting”. If you choose shared hosting type of service provider for hosting your website, then the hosting package becomes affordable. This is because you will have to pay only a portion of the server fee, instead of paying for the entire server. Mostly, people host their websites by using shared hosting (virtual hosting)

If you choose a dedicated server, you then have to choose to rent the entire server for your own use. You can also choose to buy a server instead of renting it. But it is you who have to decide to take the right step towards your web hosting plan, depending upon your actual web hosting requirement.