Selecting best host for blog hosting

created: 12.28.2007 updated: 04.27.2009
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Blogs are now seen as best medium to convey your thoughts and get views and comments of other people. The popularity of blogging is evident with the increase in the number of bloggers with each day. Gone are the days when you were left at the mercy of some companies on which you were dependent to get your blog hosted. Now many blogs have emerged which you can get host at any host of your choice. Opting for self hosted blogs offers you many advantages and plethora of additional tools and better control which is not feasible if you opt for a particular company hosted blogs. Best options available for self hosting:

Among many self hosted blogs, two names always float on top: Wordpress and B2evolution while Wordpress acquiring upper edge. Wordpress is well documented, supported by a large community encompassing thousands of developers and plug-ins are easy to create and install. Also wordpress has numerous stylish skins to choose from. But still many bloggers love getting the blogging software B2evolution due to its simplicity and ease of use.



Getting your blog hosted:


Now once you have made your decision for using either Wordpress or B2evolution as your blog software, you need to find a hosting or blog hosting company to get it hosted. While looking for wordpress hosting or b2evolution hosting, you need to take many things into consideration.


Free or Paid hosting


First deciding criterion is your choice for hosting company: either you opt for free hosting or shared paid hosting. Where you don’t spend any penny from pocket for getting your blog hosted but ads placed at top and bottom of the pages can be really annoying. Thus, it is advised to employ the services of paid shared hosts while you go for wordpress hosting or b2evolution hosting.


Wordpress or B2evolution compatible hosts


Still you need to consider many factors if you have decided to opt for paid hosting option for wordpress or b2evolution blogging platform. Now days, due to popularity of these two blogging platforms many hosting companies are compatible for wordpress hosting or b2evolution hosting. In other words, you don’t have to take pain to install your expression pathways. The installation will take place with a single click or two. Thus, you should always look for those hosting companies which have inbuilt wordpress hosting or b2evolution hosting option. It allows for a non professional user to reap the benefits of these blogging software without getting into technical stuff.


Choosing the best host


The next thing you need to look is to look for the best host and deals for your wordpress hosting or b2evolution hosting. Earlier, it was an arduous task to look for the best options available to you. But now, many webhosting review sites, you can compare all the wordpress hosting or b2evolution hosting companies along with the monthly amount you need to pay them and other specifications like how much bandwidth you will get along with disk space those companies have to offer you. Thus, such sites at which comparison is given often comes handy while you decide to get your blog hosted at one of such companies.


Reviews as criterion to decide best host


Every company claims to be best. Isn’t it? But the truth everyone knows. Hardly a few are at par of being called best. While opting for wordpress hosting or b2evolution company, before hand knowledge about the level of services being offered by them always proves beneficial as it can save you from glitches later on. The important deciding criterions are uptime and customer satisfaction. You can always get to know about the authenticity of the claims of any company by reading reviews about the company on other sites. Many sites are online like where you can read reviews about the claims of wordpress hosting or b2evolution hosting companies.


Thus in this age where world has been transformed into global village using blogs as expression medium or outlet to let world know about your views and share their views about your views always proves beneficial. But while taking certain precautions and testing the services of hosting companies always prove beneficial to have a flawless connection with rest of world.

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