Practical Tips in Developing A Great Website

created: 10.27.2008 updated: 04.26.2009
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A website is a good representation for any company or business.  Reputable companies provide their clientele with a comprehensive website that provides a listing of their services, and makes these available in just a few clicks.  What are the characteristics of a great website?  Here are some considerations:


Today’s websites have greatly improved in terms of functionality over the past couple of years.  Gone are the days when one can just read the information posted in the website.  Today interactivity is a fixture in the Internet world.  With the coming of the second generation of the Internet, more popularly referred to as Web 2.0, people are browsing websites not just to get static information.  Users are surfing the Internet because the pages are more colorful, aesthetically designed and user friendly, enabling it to provide information and entertainment at the same time.

Functional websites serve its function well.  News sites are functional when it allows its readers to place comments or forward the news article to their friends.  Browsers can easily find the news item which interests them, and be spared of web pages that take too long to re-load.


Users are more likely to come back to interactive websites. Interactive websites allow users to post comments, rate it, or forward the contents to friends.  These can be done by users though clicking of little icons placed somewhere in the beginning or ending of a text.


Search engines usually post top ten websites for each area of interest.  The rest of the websites pertaining to a particular area of interest are ranked lowly in these search engines.  Since they are ranked lowly, chances are these websites will not be browsed by the user.  More often than not users attracted to the top ten websites flashed by these search engines.

Through search engine optimization, the web pages of a particular website are tweaked in a way that helps them get better rankings in these search engines.   Today large companies are investing a lot in SEO to make their websites ranked more highly in these search engines, and make them more visible to internet users.


Internet users are attracted to greatly designed websites.  Bright fonts, colorful images, and the like contribute to the attractiveness of a website. The overall look of a website enhances the image of the enterprise it represents, giving it an edge over its competitors.

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