An Insight into Database Hosting using SQL

created: 01.08.2008 updated: 07.26.2011
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Do you have a personal website? Do you keep updating large chunks of data in your website via the web very frequently? Have you ever thought about the database that your web hosting company is using to update your web site? Is the data access from the database present in the server very fast and reliable?

Do you have an idea as to what language you are going to use for your database hosting - MySql, PostgreSql or MSSql? With the absence of benchmarks in the database license standards, choosing a DBMS for database hosting is as difficult as compiling the data itself. This article presents an overall view of the pros and cons of each database thereby assisting you in making the right choice.

An Overview of Database Hosting Systems

Huge chunk of data updates can be made in your website using any one of the web databases. MS Access, MySql, PostgreSql, MSSql, and Oracle are a few popular choices available for database hosting as on date.

But, Which one would suit your needs better? A bit of research and analysis would definitely guide you in making the right choice.


Overview of MySql Hosting

MySql hosting is the most popular website hosting database system used online by several servers around the world. Performance of MySql has been very consistent and reliable that the current market pioneers like Wikipedia, Google , Yahoo!, Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia and YouTube make use of MySql for database hosting.

   The Pros of MySql Hosting

  • Flexibility/Scalability: The presence of remarkable features like detachable storage engine makes MySql customizable to the unique requirements posted by the client. While you can configure MySql to run embedded applications with a footprint less then 2MB, you can also force MySql to handle terabytes of data when necessary.
  • Open Source: Though the MySql database is owned by MySql AB, the source code is available at free of cost. This makes MySql hosting inexpensive when compared to any other database system that would require a heavy license cost per installation. The readily available source code can also be tailored to customer requirements in case of MySql hosting.
  • Availability of Superior Data Storage mechanism: Though prior versions of MySql supported ISAM/MyISAM mechanisms, later versions starting from 4.x have started using the InnoDB mechanism, which is considered to be transaction safe for database hosting.
  • Omnipresence: Statistics state that there are more than 11 million MySql installations across the globe. With the popularization of LAMP(Linux, Apache, MySqL, PHP / Perl / Python.) MySql hosting is becoming almost omnipresent online.
  • Platform Independence: MySql can be run on more than 20 platforms including Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and MacOSX. All users connect to a single database daemon thread for data access in case of MySql hosting and as such is very useful for database hosting vendors who would have client running different platforms across the globe.
  • Simplicity: MySql as everyone knows is a no-brainer and hence the overhead involved in hiring costly developers and administrators would not be necessary in case of MySql hosting.
  • 24/7 helpline availability: The latest updates and bug fixes are provided by MySql AB for an annual fee of $3000.  24/7 customer support and online help is being provided at nominal rates for the customers. Tutorials, webinars, blogs,forums and e-books available online provide remarkable assistance for MySql hosting at free of cost.
  • Easy Administration and Fault Monitoring capabilities: Alerts from MySQL Network Advisors regarding the issues that come up in any server facilitates easy fault management in case of MySql hosting
  • Support for state-of-art Technologies: MySql is the widely used database in websites supporting the web2.0 technology. Craiglist and Google stand in testimony to this fact. This makes Mysql ideal for database hosting.

   The Cons of MySql Hosting

  • The GPL factor: Since MySql comes under General Public License, it is considered to be too open. If you go in for commercial license in case of MySql hosting, there is an additional burden of supporting web projects with multiple versions of MySql, which often turns out to be a big overhead in case of database hosting.
  • Inability to integrate with legacy environments: Microsoft SQL, Oracle and Sybase are a few databases that were used since time immemorial. Such systems that have already got vendor licenses will never want to switch to Mysql hosting since they already have license from respective vendors.
  • Presence of Inferior Data Integrity mechanism: Though MySql is ACID (Atomic, Consistent, Isolated, Durable) complaint, when dealing with deadlocks in database hosting, it uses row-level locking which is considered to be inferior when compared to Multi Version Concurrency Control (MVCC).
  • Relatively new: When compared to Oracle or Microsoft SQL, MySql is definitely new to the market of database hosting.

Overview of PostgreSql Hosting

PostgreSql is an improvement over the POSTGRES DBMS. PostgreSql augments the data model and data types of POSTGRES but replaces the PostQuel query language with that of SQL. PostgreSql has a BSD license and hence available for free online. PostgreSql thus becomes a valuable choice for database hosting.

   The Pros of PostgreSql Hosting

  • Open Source: The source code is available at free of cost and hence is a freeware. This makes PostgreSql customizable as per the requirements coming in from clients for PostgreSql Hosting.
  • Platform Independence: PostgreSql can run on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, and MacOSX. This fact definitely encourages PostgreSql Hosting. . In case of PostgreSQL hosting a new connection to the database is initiated for every new database process.
  • Presence of Superior Data Integrity mechanism: In addition to the fact that PostgreSql is ACID (Atomic, Consistent, Isolated, Durable) complaint, when dealing with deadlocks in database hosting, it uses Multi Version Concurrency Control (MVCC) and also provides support to row-level locking.
  • Availability of Additional Features: In addition to the usual features present in commercial databases, PostgreSql also supports user defined data types, inheritance, and multi-version concurrency control favor PostgreSql hosting. PostgreSQL recognizes Ipv4 and Ipv6 data types, which is very useful in PostgreSql hosting. PostgreSQL supports multi-master, multi-slave replication in addition to single master and multi slave replication. GUI tools for PostgreSql are very much available and data migration from Oracle and MySql to PostgreSql is pretty much easy.
  • Help line availability: Mailing lists from PostgreSql creators available online provide the required assistance for the vendors involved in PostgreSql hosting
  • Easy Integration with Perl/PHP: PostgreSql hosting can make use of Perl/PHP as the interface while complex websites can make use of to communicate with the PostgreSql database using mod_perl.
  • Quite old DBMS in the market: By 2009, the age of PostgreSql would be 20 and the long life of PostgreSql makes it eligible for database hosting.

      The cons of PostgreSql Hosting

  • Performance considerations: Inserts and Updates into the PostgreSql database is much slower compared to MySql. PostgreSql hosting thus might slow down the display of the web page online.
  • BSD license issues: Since PostgreSql comes under the Berkeley license scheme, this is again considered to be too open.
  • Availability of inferior Data Storage mechanism: PostgreSql uses Postgres storage system, which is not considered to be transaction sae during PostgreSql hosting.
  • Its not far-flung: While MySql hosting and MSSql hosting have deeply penetrated into the market, PostgreSql hosting still remains to be passive in the database hosting market.
  • Non-availability of required assistance for PostgreSql hosting: Assistance is being provided via mailing lists. However there is no guarantee that the issue faced during PostgreSql hosting would be resolved.

Overview of MSSql Hosting

MSSql Server from Microsoft is proprietary software and proves to be expensive for database hosting. However, the innumerous advantages provided by MSSql hosting necessitates an in-depth analysis while selecting the right DBMS for database hosting.

      The Pros of MSSql Hosting

  • Remarkable Reliability: MSSql hosting offers high reliability by having a data manager for reading and writing data to the database. Even if the client machine crashes, the read and write is not committed in the database by the data manager. The transaction logs also help in rollbacks thus paving way to commendable reliability in MSSql hosting.
  • High Data Integrity: Triggers happening at the table level in MSSql hosting facilitates high data integrity in database hosting.
  • Optimized Performance: MSSql server usually performs the required filtering much more quickly than the client machine and secondly the amount of data sent across the network link is vastly reduced. This drastically increases the performance ratio of MSSql hosting in the web.
  • Reduced Network Traffic: Since the filtering can happen at the server end and the data carried over the network to the client is highly optimized, MSSql hosting proves to pave way for reduced network traffic thereby allowing other applications to run within the network.
  • Increased Scalability: MSSql being massive is considered to have the maximum scalability for database hosting.
  • Painless Installation options: MSSql being a Microsoft product supports single click installation and being user friendly for the clients proves to be the preferred DBMS for database hosting.

      The cons of MSSql Hosting

  • High Deployment cost: Going in for MSSql hosting requires installation licenses from Microsoft. Annual maintenance fee adds on to the cost overhead. As such MSSql hosting proves to be very costly since it comes under single vendor lock-in system.
  • Necessity for complex support Environment: MSSql hosting requires very knowledgeable personal for its support and maintenance. Hiring costly administrators becomes mandatory in case of MSSql hosting.
  • Platform Specific: MSSql hosting can be used only when the clients have Windows environment. This poses to be the biggest overhead with MSSql hosting.


Finally, the answer to the question as to which database would be the right choice for database hosting purely lies on your individual requirements and the demands posted in by your clients. Check out the benefits and the disadvantages of MySql hosting, PostgreSql hosting and MSSql hosting and go ahead with the right choice.

For any database hosting, you will need to find a good web hosting provider, preferrably one with good reviews and offers better or rather premium web hosting services because databases contain important data you can't afford to get corrupted or lost.


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