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created: 08.19.2007 updated: 04.27.2009
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Ecommerce web hosting began as an additional means to procure business via the internet. There are many arguments as to how exactly it began, however, it was used as a means only to enhance the brick and mortar side of the business with no true application to online purposes. After which time, businesses began to realize that it was more than just another means to promote their local stores and offices in their local area, but to also expand into nationwide and even international markets.

From this point, we begin to see the actual change from physical storefronts to a complete virtual environment where overhead is next to nothing and no inventory is required. This is where internet ecommerce web hosting really started to take off. Fix costs were down and profits were up. From this we saw all types of business sprouting up and as unfortunate as it is, it was the 'adult' industry that spurred the revolution which in turn lowered the prices even more for other fixed costs such as internet connectivity and merchant processing. Soon affiliate networks were created to increase sales of products and services, therefore broadening the ecommerce horizon even that much more.

How to Choose Ecommerce Web Hosting

Choosing Ecommerce Web Hosting is not as difficult as people perceive, but it is a 'money making' venture that you, the end-user are looking for and you need something stable. When your finances are involved, your most important factor is service and quality. Price is far down the list and you are better paying a few extra dollars for a service that you know will work well. The more you limit your risk, the better your chances are at success. It is still not a large investment as most ecommerce packages range from $5-$20 per month. Keep in mind that if you do have multiple products, you will need software to manage your inventory such as a shopping cart which is offered by default with most web hosting companies, but you might need some outside help setting it up as web hosting companies do not do this services for you (without an extra charge).

It is much better to utilize our ecommerce web hosting reviews to gain an advantage as they offer the more well known web hosts. Well known does not necessarily mean BETTER, but it does bring in longevity and the comfort of knowing that you aren’t dealing with shady fly-by-night companies. Unfortunately, this industry is full of not so trustworthy Web Hosts.

This is why we advise you to use our review boards of ecommerce web hosting and use your judgment based who they merit as affordable and reliable hosting.