Creating a Feasible Website Design Plan

created: 10.27.2008 updated: 04.27.2009
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A good website design plan is the start of a successful online business. Having planned well what the website would look like is critical because it can dictate how your website will fare in today’s Internet.  You will also need proper business hosting.

One of the considerations that one has to remember in making a good website design is that it should be in sync with the trends in the Internet.  Having a trendy website will determine how much the website will perform in search engines, and how much attention it can attract from its target market.  Having a website design that was built at par with the standards of the Internet in 2003 will likely put your website at the bottom half of any search engine listing.

In making a website design plan, determine what your target market or audience will look for a website.  Thus, your functions should answer the needs of your audience.  If you are selling electronic products like e-books or software, then it is but natural that you provide them will shipping options as well as mode of payments options.  This is just an example on how one can determine the various components that make up the website design.

The website design should also be compatible with various Internet browsers.  This is important so that the website can be viewed by as many users as possible.   Since not all users use the same web browsers, it is important to have a website design that can be loaded in all web browsers.  The website design should also be loaded quickly regardless of the connection speed of the users.  Whether the users use DSL or dial-up connections, the website should load quickly enough so that the user will not leave the site quickly.

The website design plan should likewise consider the usability of the website to allow visitors to adjust the font size when necessary, or to alter the background hue to make it more readable to visitors.  It will also help if the website has language and currency conversion, since chances are a global audience can visit and peruse the website and adds to your ability to offer great ecommerce hosting on your site..  Having these tools can greatly enhance the look and functionality of the website.

The length of the business function should also be considered.  Such, having the type of database that can cater to an extended period of time, especially if the products and services being offered can last for a significant stretch.

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